Acquisition of Wayleaves & Site Planning


  • Supplying a Site Survey Report with the exact measurements and photographs taken onsite for both (OSP and ISP)

This report include the following:

  • Topographical map – Site layout indicating position of proposed civil work on site
  • ROW (Right of Way) Drawings for Wayleave purposes
  • Building layout indicating route to be followed inside building and type of ducting/cable trays to be used and equipment room layout indicating termination position inside the
  • Termination Bay Baseline
  • 1 Wayleave Drawing on MapInfo indicating the proposed route Health & Safety Risk Assessments for Planning
  • Design Documents

Technical Site Survey & Planning Design

  • Survey appointment –
  • Schedule appoint with relevant role players
  • Arrange pre planning for the sites
  • Site Surveying (OSP and ISP)
  • Taking measurements onsite
  • Determining the best route, with the least disruption to client and usage of existing infrastructure
  • Taking photographic evidence

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